Powerful Strategies to Increase Spiritual Awareness

If there’s one sure thing that spirituality can dedicate to one’s life, it would be the sense of hope, as spirituality strengthens outlook for the better.

In life, there will be unpredictable encounters, but with a hopeful heart and mind, we will conquer everything. This is because spiritual growth improves our ability to deal with life’s ups and downs and recover from adversity. We can’t expect to achieve spiritual growth overnight, though. As others would say, spirituality is not an appended advantage. It is a journey that we need to embark on. Hence, everybody needs to go through all the processes and ways to increase spirituality. Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic, authored by Hedin Daubenspeck, is a compelling book that can enlighten readers about spiritual awareness. It personal narrative of his spiritual journey as well as anecdotes from those close to his heart.

If you want to know some valuable strategies that can help increase your spiritual awareness, read on the points below:

Detach from Unnecessary Worries

We all need some time to refresh our minds to eliminate dispensable thoughts that can ruin our thought processes. With everything that’s been happening in the world, our minds may be filled with negativity, making it hard to take in positive ones. Persistent and excessive worrying, negative thinking, and fearing the worst can significantly influence our emotional and physical health. It can deplete our emotional energies, causing us to feel restless and nervous and creating sleeplessness. As a result, it can be challenging to focus at work or school.

Make Reflection a Habit

Each night, it would be amazing if we made it a habit to reflect on our day. This will make us realize many things about our inner self that can help improve our spiritual awareness. Reflective practice evaluates oneself, one’s viewpoints, characteristics, experiences, and encounters. If we do this every day, we can assess every inch of ourselves and answer some questions. Self-reflection is an essential skill for personal growth. Self-reflection is a necessary ability for personal development. We wander around unaware and frequently insensitive to others and even our own self if we don’t have it.

Exhibit Mindfulness

Mindfulness activities can help us improve our emotional regulation and reduce stress, anxiety, and sadness. A person’s capacity to be aware can predict relationship happiness—the ability to respond positively to relationship stress. People are interested in nourishing their mindfulness since many seek strategies to manage problems, uncertainties, and turmoils in their lives. Accordingly, one can become more active, clear, imaginative, and less resistant to change.

Grasp Some Nature

Because of this pandemic, we have become home buddies and started to love indoor spaces. Nevertheless, no one could truly deny the positive impacts of being outdoors. Many could attest that exposure to nature can help one feel refreshed. By stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can see life more clearly. This implies that spending time in nature helps one concentrate better and allows for more reflection into one’s spiritual self. Even just going for a walk in the mornings for 30 minutes could bring so much positivity to your life.

Keep a Journal

Journaling proves to impart something beautiful to those who’ve been doing it. It allows one to track progress, giving more motivation and inspiration to do more extraordinary things. It gives us a chance to prioritize our difficulties, anxieties, and concerns. When choosing a type of journal you can write on, select one that caters to all your needs. A gratitude journal is one type that suits everybody’s needs. When you have a gratitude journal, it will help you in identifying the positive things that happened in your life instead of seeing the day as completely bleak.

Connect with Loved Ones

There may be times when all you want is to be alone and independent, but we can never deny that having a healthy support system is necessary. Make plans to see pals you haven’t seen in a while for a day out. You can do something relaxing, activities that can help you momentarily forget stress at work would be a great idea. Or, if you don’t have enough time, you can always grab some coffee with them.



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