About the Book

This book tells of the pony ride to an awakening and other stories of the Spirit.

Encounters of an otherworldly kind happen to many people. My efforts are to describe some of the spiritual experiences that we may encounter from early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and then maturity, retirement unto renunciation, and then consciousness beyond death.

We are closest to the Spirit at the beginning of our life, just entering incarnation from the Spirit, and at the end of our life, as we prepare to return to the Spirit.

Sharing some of my psychic experiences and a few stories of my friends and family may serve as a guide for you in finding some similarities in these with your own experiences to reinforce the trust in these experiences as real and not imagined. We come from the Spirit and will return to the Spirit. There is nothing to fear from our teachers and ancestors in communicating with the Spirit to give us guidance, wisdom, and vision in this oftentimes difficult earthly life experience or to answer our questions.

As we unfold our development going forward with open eyes and mind, we find that the truth unfolds and becomes more refined, like a lotus flower.