Spirituality is experienced in many different ways. Spirituality can take the form of a religious awakening, a form of inspiration or motivation, or it can be a belief in the existence of a higher power. The human spirit is the ultimate embodiment of spirituality. Man’s quest for life’s most difficult answers often led him towards understanding the human spirit as the end all, be all of life’s earthly questions. Author Hedin Daubenspeck in his book Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic, talks about his spiritual encounters and how communicating with the Spirit is a source of guidance and wisdom through life’s difficulties. By becoming spiritual, a person becomes enlightened and finds peace and harmony amidst life’s many twists and turns.

Identifying a Spiritual Person 

The concept of a spiritual person varies from person to person. Some may conjure up images of gurus or priests, or monks as representative of a spiritual person. For some, a spiritual person is someone always doing yoga, constantly meditating, or, in some cases, living a strict food lifestyle or an almost solitary, recluse, or hermit-like lifestyle. Regardless of all the romanticized depictions of a spiritual person, most people aren’t aware that somebody who is inclined spiritually can take the form of an average, simple person or the average, next-door, regular Joe type of person. So, how can one tell if a person is spiritual?

Exhibits an aura of humility, empathy, kindness, and compassion

A spiritual person projects this essence as someone whom a person wants to approach to open up or talk about a problem. A spiritual person is a humble person who chooses to stay and remain quiet, humble, sincere, and not self-imposed despite having all the information. Spiritual persons are more inclined to love than to hate.

 Takes Care of Their Overall Mental & Physical Health

Spiritual persons understood the importance of looking after their overall well-being and mental and physical health. They’re conscious about what they take into their body, the food they eat, or the liquids they drink. They possess that quality of reflecting inner beauty. Exercising for them is more of a goal of achieving a fit body, and not just merely for beauty standards.

Spiritual persons also took care of their mental health. They try to avoid as much stress as possible, and if stress is unavoidable, they try their best to stay as resilient as possible. They’re equally as conscious of what kind of media they see or listen to. They ensure that everything they absorb is suitable for their physical and mental state. They try to balance their life as much as they can, use their time wisely, knowing their limits or boundaries.

Reflects Inner Peace

Spiritual persons reflect a glaring sense of inner peace, perhaps the most obvious trait of their spirituality. Their inner peace is the outcome of their internal happiness, the kind of happiness that comes from within and is not dependent upon anybody or anything. These people don’t have too many expectations of life. Their sense of fulfillment does not depend on external things. They’re the type of persons who love without expecting to be loved back. They give without expecting anything in return.

Trust is in their Core

Needless to say, spiritual persons don’t have any trust issues. They live believing that what is meant to be will come to be. “Qué será, será”, as the saying goes. They believe that all things will work out for the best and that everything and anything under the sun has a reason for being. For the religious people, trust is more inclined toward a higher being who has every good intention for His creation. They allow life to decide which path they’re going to take and that whatever they have chosen is where they were meant to be in the first place.

Prayerful and Meditating

Yes, a prayerful and meditating person is also indicative of a spiritual person. One way to achieve a spiritual life is by constantly meditating or praying. These practices enable a person to reach out and understand the human soul. Praying and meditating opens up a communication gateway between man and the spiritual world. Through the realm of silence and carefully chanted prayers, the human spirit goes beyond the limit and can view life from a different perspective. And it is often during this time that the mind can form solutions, sometimes even unique solutions, to life’s most challenging or complex problems.

Lives a Grateful Life

Spiritual persons are very appreciative of everything that comes their way, both the good and the bad. They see adversities as opportunities for growth. They look at the good things as blessings, not luck, given by a higher being. This grateful nature makes them one of the most optimistic groups of people. These people choose to dwell on the positive side of things, avoiding the negatives by being appreciative of everything and anything that they encounter. And even after going through a very traumatic experience, a spiritual person chooses not to dwell on the pain or sadness and decides to move on in life with hope and gratitude.


A spiritual person need not be someone from the religious clergy, a Yogist, a Buddhist monk, or even someone emulating the Dalai Lama. Anybody and anyone can become a spiritual person. Spirituality begins with a desire and passion for searching for life’s meaning and purpose. Once someone starts on that path to discovering what life is all about, they’re on their way toward becoming a spiritual person.

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