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Mental Health and Spirituality

Spirituality entails an individual’s specific beliefs. It stands for what a person genuinely believes in and devotes their lives to. The idea or concept, which encompasses lives, helps give them a sense of value and meaning. To put it short, it is one of the motivations for them to continue living – something that can drive them to look forward to life. In the… Read More

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Indigo Kids: Do They Still Exist in Today’s Time?

In Daubenspeck’s Pony Ride to an Awakening, he mentions believing in the idea that, to some degree, everyone has psychic perception or abilities. To illustrate this notion, he insinuates that a long line of his family members might have had these abilities, from his grandmother down to himself. When we think of psychic abilities, some might immediately think of scenarios similar to the movie… Read More

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Would You Believe in Something You Can’t See?

People believe in the things they think are genuine or reliable. Regardless of whether these are proven or not, as long as they have established a certain degree of trust toward these concepts, it becomes hard to break down their belief in them. Hence, when it comes to matters of believing in something they can’t see, their choice is simple – people will choose… Read More

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Manifestations of a Spiritual Person

Spirituality is experienced in many different ways. Spirituality can take the form of a religious awakening, a form of inspiration or motivation, or it can be a belief in the existence of a higher power. The human spirit is the ultimate embodiment of spirituality. Man’s quest for life’s most difficult answers often led him towards understanding the human spirit as the end all, be… Read More

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A Guide to Spirituality: How to Find Yourself in Messiness and Chaos

Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life. -Elizabeth Lesser Spirituality is one of the most controversial yet misunderstood subjects due to its vagueness, obscurity, and beguiling complexity. Many people forget that spirituality is a journey of self-discovery, love, determination, and strength. Spirituality is entirely personal and is a unique and memorable adventure for… Read More

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Guidebook for Spirituality: Someone’s Belief System

When people look at a building, one factor that passersby look at to assure its durability is the foundation. A robust structured building has a firm and solid foundation. A building is durable when it stands. Employers always want a firm and rock-solid building and avoid other casualties. When an intense calamity strikes, a firm building will never break and lose its stance. IT… Read More


The Phases of Self-Realization to Know Oneself

The Phases of Self-Realization to Know Oneself Self-realization pertains to knowing who we truly are — surpassing the awareness of how we see ourselves at a surface level, such as our physique or physical form, but the energy that gives us life. We live in an illusionary universe because our mind convinces us that we are the ego and because our senses make us… Read More


Powerful Strategies to Increase Spiritual Awareness

Powerful Strategies to Increase Spiritual Awareness If there’s one sure thing that spirituality can dedicate to one’s life, it would be the sense of hope, as spirituality strengthens outlook for the better. In life, there will be unpredictable encounters, but with a hopeful heart and mind, we will conquer everything. This is because spiritual growth improves our ability to deal with life’s ups and… Read More


The Secrets to Writing a Book That Can Touch Hearts

The Secrets to Writing a Book That Can Touch Hearts Unleashing your unique power to write something that can touch someone’s soul is the best pursuit you can do in life, especially if you have the ability to do so. Many opt for opening and reading a book to be transported elsewhere and feel intense emotion. Readers read books to feel the euphoria of… Read More