When people look at a building, one factor that passersby look at to assure its durability is the foundation. A robust structured building has a firm and solid foundation. A building is durable when it stands. Employers always want a firm and rock-solid building and avoid other casualties. When an intense calamity strikes, a firm building will never break and lose its stance. IT would always have the firmness and the rock-solid feature it has acquired ever since. Looking at this building, sometimes people wonder if the building is like themselves. Seeing a building with a firm foundation can reflect the people or the citizens around it.

Humans are just like buildings that are currently standing on their own. The person we identify with now is the one who was built and pondered by us and the external factors that affected it. Have you ever wondered how much you changed, how much you grew, and what has been the “you ever since the last time you had these thoughts? Many things can happen in the span o years, months, days, or even in mere weeks and days. A person’s apparent physical appearance can change with the snap of the fingers. Emotional and mental states can even change with just one event or situation, leading to either a positive or negative state. Financial status can go poof after one sopping spree to the nearest mall. But what’s peculiar is that a person’s spiritual self and belief system are areas that can be hard to maneuver and change. It takes time to adjust and change one’s belief or spiritual perspective.

Our spirituality and belief system are like a building foundation. What we are thought about when we’re kids affects everything we think is true in the present. There are a lot of ideas that we might find the fact that others don’t. The information we base our spiritual beliefs on can vary. Many have books like the Guidebook for Spirituality by Hedin Daubenspeck. Many people also acquire the Quran and the Bible as their belief bases. Beliefs will always vary from one another. 

Someone’sSomeone’s Upbringing

Growing up, we would always have a religion or a belief system. When someone is still a child, their parents acquire the “belief system” they acquire. These ideas usually constructed a person’s whole belief system as a child. Before a kid gets exposed to the school’s premises and interacts with other kids, they interact with people of the same belief as them most of the time. The religious upbringing we received from our parents is a helpful factor in constructing ourselves. These beliefs are usually dug deep in one’s heart and anchored inside the mind. Even if we grow, the beliefs and faith that we acquired as a kid will hardly slip our minds.

Someone’sSomeone’s Stands

Someone’s belief or religious stand is the main body of its belief system. Like the illustration of a standing building, humans tend to assert what they believe. When the belief that they grew up in was solid and firm, they would stand with it as much as possible. No matter what happens to them and their life, the facts that they believe will be the fact that they will believe. Although this is not the case for all people, some are currently advocating acquiring “open-mindedness.” Despite being open-minded, we can’t deny that we cannot be a hundred percent persuaded, especially if our belief system will contradict others. When others’ belief system is vastly different from ours, we might feel uncomfortable around them. This idea shows our stands and being genuinely believing in our belief system. No matter what might happen, we have a belief that we believe. 

Someone’s External Influences

When having a belief system will change over time. As a child, one’s beliefs can change he/she/they grow up. When people interact with others who believe in different cultures and ideas, they get curious and see others’ perspectives, leading to either growth or disaster. When someone wants to learn about another belief system, it can contribute to their growth. They can learn new things that can be beneficial for them to understand others’ perspectives and reasonings.

It can be disastrous because of the numerous possible effects. One can start to question their reality and belief system. Everyone knows that what we believe is one of the foundations of ourselves, so shaking it can ruin us as an entire whole. People can try to segregate and see what they want to believe. The Guidebook for Spirituality by Hedin Daubenspeck shares numerous guides to have a robust belief system.

So we have to get a good grip on our beliefs and try to maneuver what to change or not to change. In the end, with the belief that we held, we should never let it go.


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