The Phases of Self-Realization to Know Oneself

Self-realization pertains to knowing who we truly are — surpassing the awareness of how we see ourselves at a surface level, such as our physique or physical form, but the energy that gives us life. We live in an illusionary universe because our mind convinces us that we are the ego and because our senses make us want physical pleasures. As a result, we fail to see what really matters.

Our mind can restrict us from attaining spiritual awareness, which is a crucial aspect of our lives. In other words, self-realization is the ultimate goal of the spiritual journey. In essence, when we lose sight of the value of Self-Realization, our spiritual pathways become nothing but more than a series of distractions.

To understand the significance of self-realization better, we should know the stages in which we are bound to go through.

The Escalation of Self-Awareness

The dawning of self-awareness may occur in the very beginning of self-realization. Self-awareness enables you to comprehend what you value and how you see the world around you. It is simpler to understand that others may have different values and ideas if you are open and receptive to your own values and beliefs. This openness is required for connecting with varied people honestly and successfully.

Pony Ride to Awakening: Journey of a Mystic is a spiritual book by Hedin Daubenspeck. It chronicles his principles and journey towards spiritual awareness. Sharing his quest as he finds the essence of self-awareness. Getting to know his journey will help you gain perspectives about self-realization that will lead you to a better life.

The Desire to Explore

Self-exploration allows you to discover who you truly are, what you desire and what you are at ease with, and where you want to go in life. It is a method of ultimately connecting your mind to your inner voice to genuinely flourish in all facets of life. When we engage in self-exploration, we go closer to ultimate self-realization and are that much closer to discovering our purpose.

The Occurrence of Self-Discovery

We progressively encounter self-discovery when we go deep under the surface of ourselves after we begin dabbling in the field of self-exploration. The questions of whats will move to whys. Compared to self-exploration, when you have to know what we like, feel, do, and think; self-discovery is more about why we like, feel, do, and think. Finding yourself may appear to be a self-centered objective, but it is actually an unselfish process that lies at the heart of everything we do in life. At the end of this process, we will develop a sense of ourselves as independent individuals.

The Entering of Self-Transformation

In this phase, we begin to lose the false self’s old and restricting habits, perceptions, and compulsions and transform into the most authentic version of ourselves imaginable. When we go through self-transformation, we start a death and rebirth cycle that can be unsettling and disruptive at first. We’re able to make room for future growth because of the preceding phases. We feel more expansive, free, and grounded, like a butterfly breaking from its cocoon.

The Walk of Self-Transcendence

The next step is self-transcendence, which is when we truly take on the world of spirituality. When we pursue the road of self-transcendence, we attempt to transcend our limiting egos and attachments to our souls to become One with the Divine. The desire to enter this phase may come naturally, especially when time allows. And, through mystical experiences, it becomes more profound. Meditation and yoga disciplines are two popular self-transcendence methods and practices.

After experiencing all of the phases, you will come to the end of the journey—self-realization. There is no other way to state it except that self-realization can be sought and strived for, yet it is ultimately a gift from life itself. At this moment, we are free of all misery, fear, and solitude. Finally, what is left is a pure brilliance of being, a total unity with life, a sensation of infinite love, connection, understanding, and openness to existence.

Self-realization is a quest that might last a few years, decades, or, more generally, a lifetime. But one thing is for sure, it is a worthwhile journey to take on.




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