In Daubenspeck’s Pony Ride to an Awakening, he mentions believing in the idea that, to some degree, everyone has psychic perception or abilities. To illustrate this notion, he insinuates that a long line of his family members might have had these abilities, from his grandmother down to himself.

When we think of psychic abilities, some might immediately think of scenarios similar to the movie Poltergeist – children having the ability to communicate with the otherworld or the paranormal entities. After all, when someone says psychic, it’s commonly only associated with the paranormal. However, it should be noted that this ability goes beyond the paranormal realm, and Daubenspeck’s encyclopedia of Spirituality seems to have perfectly captured its idea.

In his book, Daubenspeck mentions that these abilities, in some, may start to manifest as early as in their childhood and are seen in behaviors such as children talking to invisible friends or insisting that they can see ghosts or the paranormal. Additionally, a child with psychic abilities may foresee the death of someone, predict future events, and may even experience astral travel. To some, this may seem entirely and logically impossible, especially since it can be easily debunked using statements such that children could be making things up and there’s simply no way for adults to prove such claims.

However, there actually once existed a group of kids that had such abilities and were called Indigo Children. And their existence can be accounted as proof of this concept and Daubenspeck’s belief in psychic abilities manifesting during childhood.

What are the Indigo Children?

In the 1970s, when they were first discovered and conceived, Indigo Children were described by a parapsychologist as children with an indigo aura. What this ‘aura’ means is that these children are thought to be godlike creatures with supernatural powers who were sent down to earth to protect and improve life. They were characterized as highly intellectual and spiritually gifted children with psychic abilities. Some of these children have discovered this concept by reportedly feeling ‘different’ than other children. Different not in the way that they seemed more destructive than the rest. Instead, these children reported seeing dead people exactly as Daubenspeck described psychic children.

To better define what Indigo Children truly are, here’s a short recount of stories from some of them.

Starting with two of the widely known cases of this, Ethan and Kendall. Both were 11 when they began actively exploring these abilities. However, when he was just about two, Ethan’s parents noticed his abilities. The child was said to be playing with his then deceased grandmother – a seemingly innocent behavior most children experience, now turning into something bigger. When interviewed, Ethan personally said he has healing, clairaudience, and clairvoyant abilities. On the other hand, Kendall was reported to have similar experiences as him.

Indigo Children May Have Existed, but How Genuine Are Their Experiences?

At that time, skeptics believed that these children may have had psychological disorders, and this was the only way to explain their behaviors and so-called abilities. These skeptics have every right to believe so. Considering these children’s abilities and experiences, they, in fact, share traits such as high IQ and disruptive tendencies, which are also common diagnoses in disorders such as ADD and ADHD.

However, to counter this opinion, there had also been another case of Indigo Children with a child named Sandie. She was 12 when she started feeling different and developed her psychic ability. But unlike the previous instances, Sandie was treated for ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Yet, despite the medication, she continued down the path of actualizing these unique gifts of seeing angels.

Indigo Children’s Existence in Today’s Society

This concept may not be explored much in today’s time, and because of this, there could be a strong possibility that these abilities still exist in the current society. While they may not necessarily show extreme skills such as seeing or talking to the dead, the possible Indigo Children of today can be characterized by empathic tendencies. These children are sensitive to others’ emotions and, in turn, can treat others in an extremely kind manner.

Others may continue to believe that their existence falls under the lack of formal diagnosis or the parent’s wishful thinking and denial. Besides, with the similarity in characterization, no parent would want their children to be diagnosed with disorders and prefer them to have these unexplainable abilities instead. But there are also enough reasons to believe otherwise. Perhaps, some children are born with a higher spirituality than the average person, and it’s not entirely impossible.

The concept of Indigo Children might be challenging to understand if someone doesn’t believe in spiritual aspects. However, despite people not believing in them, this won’t be able to stop these children from doing what they can and help positively influence lives and the world.

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