Spirituality entails an individual’s specific beliefs. It stands for what a person genuinely believes in and devotes their lives to. The idea or concept, which encompasses lives, helps give them a sense of value and meaning. To put it short, it is one of the motivations for them to continue living – something that can drive them to look forward to life.

In the guidebook for spirituality by Hedin Daubenspeck, the author defines spirituality as an ever-present ideology people continuously believe in throughout their lives. It can be drawn from something they have encountered from their childhood to their maturity. Perpetually influencing and playing a significant role in people’s lives, spirituality also has various benefits and advantages for individuals.

One can perceive a higher sense of purpose in their lives

Spirituality can help form the basis of someone’s purpose in life. Whether it be the belief in a Divine Creator or the ability to communicate with spirits – some may even find it in believing in reincarnations – holding on to these supposed truths can help put meaning into one’s life. People may start seeking facts or proofs of these ideologies; others may even begin living as proof of these ideas. By simply believing in something significant, one may start living a happier and more optimistic life.

Life can be difficult. It can be tedious. But perhaps, putting one’s belief unto something can make it bearable. Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist, once said: Man isn’t destroyed by suffering. Rather, he’s destroyed by suffering without meaning. Spirituality puts this meaning into man’s life. 

One can become more confident and self-controlled 

As spirituality is typically an individual experience, it can help someone establish a sense of self. Having this liberty to decide what they or they don’t believe in and practice throughout their lives, people become empowered and feel in control of their lives. Additionally, since one’s spirituality can help them have a higher sense of purpose in life, they may feel more confident about themselves, knowing that somehow, someway, their lives matter in this massive universe. 

One is able to make sense of their experiences in life 

Spirituality gives people the idea that there is something or someone bigger than themselves in the world. This allows them to look at the world and their experiences holistically – there are reasons behind everything happening. Spiritually provides people with something to believe in. When things get rough, this notion offers people a sense of structure to hold unto and helps them make sense of what’s happening. Beyond making sense of what’s happening, spirituality may also provide people with assurance. Since things happen for a reason, there should also always be a light at the end of every struggle. 

One can form better relationships with other people 

Besides having an external force to rely on, spirituality can lead someone to have a solid support system. By sharing and practicing one particular belief, spiritual groups experience positive events together. Through this, they will be able to build a stable and healthy relationship around those shared experiences. 

Lastly, one of the most significant influences spirituality has on people is its association with mental health resilience.

Having spiritual beliefs is strongly associated with remarkable mental resilience. In fact, previous studies demonstrate that when people have a greater extent of these beliefs, they may experience a lower risk for mental health issues. One means of supporting this finding is with the concept of external locus of control. External locus of control is when people believe that things, whether positive or negative, happen to them due to a stroke of luck or fate. They typically associate their experiences with external forces in their environment. This external locus of control can have a relatively positive impact on where and how they associate failure. Rather than associating failure with the belief that they aren’t good enough, spiritual people may associate it as a sign from their Divine symbol. Failure may mean that the experience isn’t the right path for them. With spirituality, loss becomes a diversion or guidance of people to their correct paths and purposes in life.

Besides this locus of control, spirituality can also help cope with illness, pain, and stress, leading to alleviating mental strain. Since spiritual people develop a more positive outlook in life and likewise live a better quality of life, they can look at things relatively positively.

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